I thought I would have to dedicate a whole page to my dog, Chase. He is my loyal companion. Always there for me. I really wasn’t planning on having a dog but my ex needed to leave the island earlier and I really didn’t want to give up this dog. Learned to love him so much. In retrospective, things turned out perfectly. Me and ex broke up but I am left with this beautiful dog. I believe things happen for a reason. I would never give up this dog and hence he is already an extensively travelled dog and seems to adjust to different surroundings quite easily: he is happy at the festivals, travelling by train, car or air. Doesn’t mind cold weather nor the rain. Actually, I believe the hot, tropical climate is his least favourite. Last year I flew to Finland with him. The progress was a really stressing one (for the owner at least) and not the cheapest, but worth every penny altogether.


The reason why I am so determined to keep him is because I learned from my mistakes. I had to leave behind 2 beautiful cats in Finland to my ex at the time. I really missed them so bad when I arrived here at the end of 2015. Luckily my ex is so sweet that he sends photos of the cats quite often and lets me know how they are doing. I got to see the cats last summer anyway. They are still as lovely as ever and luckily they have the best care taker as well.


Chase is a “typical” Thai mix dog with short legs but otherwise his trunk is medium sized For some reason I tend to fall in love with these “stumpies”. They are just so cute! Would love to have another one but I can’t because I travel quite a lot. Anyway, Chase is the friendliest dog ever. Not the brightest, nor the bravest but he has a big heart. Because he is so good-tempered it is easy to take him to a friend or my Mum to be looked after if I am away. In addition, has been really healthy. No health problems at all actually. Just have to keep an eye on his eating habits because he has started gaining weight. In Finland, we made long walks everyday but here he is free to roam. In Thailand the dogs are quite territorial so they don’t go around so much. It’s also quite hot and Chase’s hair is thick and black. This is why he actually enjoyed the cool weather in Finland. Luckily snow came early last year and he got to experience a proper Finnish winter. He loved it! We made some relaxing walks in the woods when it was a winter’s wonderland and snow up my knees.



I will surely write more about him and the whole export/import process a bit later. But this is a good start now, I think.