I’m a caffeine and cake addict so I’ve really pushed myself to find the best cafes to visit in Bangkok (ha!). This city most likely has the greatest amount of the most peculiar and most beautiful coffee shops in the world. I think the whole themed cafe mania started from the Unicorn Cafe and its been crazy since. Here are some of my favorite cafes in Bangkok. I have visited most of them by now and plan to see the remaining ones too.

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Floral Cafe at Napasorn

Cafe street view with lots of flowers outside

Walk right in all the way to the back and then upstairs

This Bangkok cafe is most likely the most beautiful cafe that I’ve ever been to. It blew my mind! And you know what, they actually change the decor about 4 times a year. Can you believe that? You can enjoy its ever-changing beauty in different themes throughout the year.


A glimpse of the ethereal interior

A glimpse of the interior

This cafe actually started as a flower shop and it’s grown from there. When you visit this place, you have to walk through the flower shop and take the stairs upstairs. There you will find this hidden gem. As you might expect, the prices are higher than at your average Bangkok cafe but oh, so worth it!

The menu is leaning on towards sweet things but there are some savory dishes also. When you leave this boutique coffee shop, remember to pop into the flower market next door and smell the roses (literally).


A piece of chocolate cake and 2 cappuccinos

A divine cake moment


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Stretsis Parlour – the Most Instaworthy Cafe in Bangkok?

A pink golden grand entrance

Here it is!

This Central Embassy located Insta heaven with its fairytale alike cakes and latte art seemed like a must-do when I was thinking about which Bangkok cafes to visit. I had high hopes for it but I must admit, this time, it didn’t live up to its expectations. I will mention it here, nevertheless, because it has received raving reviews and I can understand what the fuss is about.


Exquisite and pink Stretsis Parlour private function room

Stretsis Parlour private function room. Pic by Stretsis Parlour

I booked it on the same day and felt lucky that we got a table. But when we got there, the table was in the corner, next to the door and my seat was facing the wall which left me looking at the wallpaper only some inches away.

The decor was pretty quirky, Alice in Wonderland alike but it’s no use if your head is facing the corner. There are a few special tables in the restaurant in which there is a minimum spending amount depending on the table (3000-10 000 baht). You are not allowed to move around so you won’t disturb other patrons.


A sample menu afternoon style

A sample menu

Despite the disappointment, we started browsing the menu which had unexceptionally beautiful and unique portions. When the waiter came by, most of the things we wanted to order had sold out. At this point, we felt that we wouldn’t be getting good enough value for our money and left.

While the service was very friendly Thai style, we were wondering why the waiting staff didn’t tell us in the first place that many of the items on the menu were unavailable. This might be because of the Thai character which doesn’t want to cause conflict or lose their face.

Tip! Book well in advance and insist on a table that is not next to the entrance.


Stretsis main room with dark, gothic and romantic interior

Stretsis main room. Pic by Stretsis Parlour



B-Story Cafe

B-story cafe with flowers and decorations at the entrance


This place won my heart over. It’s just so pretty. Even the entrance promises that there is something special coming in. The inside ambiance won’t let you down. Their products are amazing too! I had a piece of divine Snickers cheesecake which caused a complete sugar rush on me.

It’s okay though, I can handle that kind of side-effects, haha. They also master the delicate craft of latte art here: my cappuccino froth had taken the shape of a cute teddy bear. I saw even more sophisticated characters in other customers’ drinks and it just blew me away.


Cappuccino with latte art and some Snickers cheesecake

Look at the latter art!

This place offers a lunch menu also, which has eg. the yummiest Thai food dishes and some popular Western food portions. There seemed to be even a business lunch meeting here during my visit and the place is very popular among Thais also.



The Unicorn Cafe

Because we need more unicorns! This cafe has A and B sides so have a look at both sides and make your decision on which side you want to sit in. It can get crowded though so better come here at times when it’s not the busiest (during the week, in the morning, I would say). They don’t take reservations either so it’s on a first come, first served basis.

I have actually written a whole post about this pastel themed cafe and you can find it here.

Cute and pink interiors

Overly cute and pink or what do you think?

I would say this place is best suited for serious unicorn fans. Similarly, expect drinks and food items to be in sync with the unicorn theme and its rainbow colors. This means that in case you don’t fancy turquoise soda and pink cakes, you will probably be better off elsewhere.

Pancake rainbow cake with a lyche soda

Pancake rainbow cake with a lychee soda

For true connoisseurs, I would actually recommend trying out the chocolate buffet at the Sukhothai hotel. Seriously, it might be one of the best experiences in my life. Ever.


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One of the Healthiest Cafes to visit in Bangkok: Veganerie

Veganerie front


I have never, ever, ever tried such a good vegan smoothie. Divine! The mango smoothie, or shakes as they are called in Thailand, had vanilla soy ice-cream, fresh mango and a generous amount of whipped coconut cream. I will never forget it!

For my main, I had satay inspired samosas with a side salad and I was happy with it. However, that mango smoothie just blew me away! My friend confirmed this: she had an avocado smoothie which was delicious but both of us just kept raving about the mango shake.


The sweetest and juiciest mango smoothie ever with coconut cream on top

The sweetest and juiciest mango smoothie ever

Nowadays they have 4 coffee shops around Bangkok so no excuse to miss them. In case you have a carnivore as your dining companion, I think this might be your best bet convincing them that vegan food can be super delicious (in addition to it being super healthy).



Tales Khaosan

This cafe/backpacker hostel has a train theme! It’s conveniently located just around the corner from Khao San Rd so it’s easy to check it out if you are staying in the area. It happened to be closed when I went to have a look in the morning but go after 10am to experience this tiny cafe.

They have a variety of drinks (emphasis on coffee though) and some bakery products but mainly it’s snacks type, such as toasts and some granola for brekkie. The toasts had some more expensive ingredients in them, such as salmon but in my opinion, the truth is that Thailand is getting too expensive for many backpackers. Toasts that are 150-190 baht are just too much unless the location is spectacular.


Cfe entrance that looks like a train car




This is my favorite bakery/cafe which I visit nearly every time I’m in Bangkok because it’s around Khao San Road where I usually stay. It’s tiny but their products are amazing and prices are moderate compared to many other bakeries. You are spoiled with choice when you go inside. It is tiny though so it’s better suited for a quick grab or brekkie rather than working with your laptop for example.


Delicious filled sandwiches

Yum! Pic credits go to Konnichipan

They have both sweet and savory delicacies and it’s often hard to choose between them. My salty favorite is perhaps the mushroom white sauce crostini though their sandwiches are yummy too. For that sweet moment, I tend to choose different things but perhaps their various danish favors are my staple.



Mocking Tales

Mocking Tales has some extraordinary portions

Mocking Tales has some extraordinary portions

The new location of this cafe is on a rooftop of a funky Thong Lo shopping complex, J Avenue. This restaurant was a massive Insta hit so naturally, I needed to hit the new location while in Thailand. All the quirky paraphernalia make it exciting in addition to the out of the ordinary, wizardry dishes. However, I felt that daytime wasn’t the best time to visit this cafe. So, instead, come when the lights get dim and dusk settles.

Mocking Tales inside

Mocking Tales




cute Shugaa cakes with different animal characters

Which one would you want for your birthday?

Finally made it here on my latest visit to Bangkok! This cafe and the products were as cutes I thought they would be.  Chef Bo with his team creates utterly sumptuous and unique cakes and desserts. The portions are actually so cute that I think it would be really hard eating them. They also arrange cake making courses. I was a bit tempted to do one but didn’t have too much time so decided to leave it out and concentrate on enjoying the delicacies and gramming!

The cakes and desserts are called 3D cakes and just by looking at them, you’ll understand why. In the cafe they serve pasta also but why on earth would anyone want spaghetti in a place like this?!!


Chef Bo in work with his cute cakes

Chef Bo at work. Pic by Shugaa



As you can see, there is no shortage of cool cafes in Bangkok and I doubt this trend will subside. Thai people love everything cute, sweet (as in sugar) and the coffee scene has been blooming so we will keep returning here to find the best coffee shop in Bangkok. Have you been to the city already? Which one do you think is the best cafe in Bangkok? By the way, in case you will be visiting Koh Phangan , I have made a similar list of the Best Koh Phangan Cafes.

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