Looking for the best Koh Phangan yoga retreats? Look no further! I have been to most of the yoga shalas on Koh Phangan and can give my honest opinion on them. All the yoga retreats are listed in no particular order.

I’ve been living on the island on and off for a long time so I know (nearly) everything there is to know. I’m also telling you all the best parts in my Koh Phangan, Thailand: the Ultimate Guide post.

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The Yoga Retreat (Koh Phangan)

This Ashtanga yoga retreat is simply called The Yoga Retreat. It is one of the most affordable yoga retreats on Koh Phangan and has a friendly and intimate vibe. True, it is nothing fancy but the price makes up for it. It’s not a big place either so it’s easy to get to know all the people staying there even if you’d be staying outside the resort.


inside a yoga shala

The emphasis is on the daily Mysore style Ashtanga classes (7.30am daily except led primary on Sat & Sun 9am. Teachers are all experienced and authorized Ashtanga yoga teachers so Ashtanga lovers are in good hands. In the afternoons there is the 4pm Hatha yoga class. Yoga philosophy, chanting, and pranayama are also on the menu plus detox programs. Beginners are welcome to join on any day where they will slowly be guided to the Mysore method.



There is a restaurant on the premises serving delicious vegetarian and vegan food (plus drinks to people who are on fast) which serves as a hang around spot too. The steam room is heated twice in a week and is included in the price for those who stay at the retreat. The rooms are very basic so if you are looking for luxury, this most def isn’t it. There are different room types and the dorm. Prices make up the very modest accommodation so this would suit anyone on the budget.


Check the prices, availability and start your yoga holiday here.


Wonderland Healing Center

Girls in a yoga shala one doing a headstand

Practicing inversions in Alon’s yoga therapy class

I stayed here one night, courtesy of the retreat and I loved it. It’s quite a big place, compared to the Yoga Retreat for instance yet it had a friendly, community vibe.

Once again, there are different accommodation types to choose from. I stayed in the dorm and the room was new and clean. The whole place is fairly new so everything is in good condition. They even have a swimming pool here so you don’t actually need to go anywhere unless you want to. Then there is a beautiful steam room and a new dipping pool next to it.


Wonderland pool

There is a plethora of yoga classes, pilates and extra curriculum activities, such as meditation and sound healing, to choose from. There is no way to get bored here. The emphasis is on gentler Hatha and beginners are taken into consideration. Personally, I felt that the classes weren’t too challenging. For someone who loves very dynamic yoga, such as Ashtanga, Bikram or advanced Vinyasa Flow, the classes might feel a bit easy.


Me in utthita hasta padangusthasana asana

Utthita hasta padangusthasana

What I loved about this Koh Phangan yoga retreat was the fantastic vegan food. It’s impossible to get hungry because the all-you-can-eats were so versatile and full of yummy dishes. People doing fasting obviously had fruit juices, coconut water and so on reserved for them. The restaurant is very cozy and the idea is to bring people together to sit down and talk to each other.


Check the prices, availability and start your yoga holiday here.


Samma Karuna

Yoga shala at sunset

Yoga shala at sunset

Samma Karuna has a lovely seaside location in Haad Chao Paow. I didn’t spend the night here but came for the classes for one week which Samma Karuna kindly provided. Samma Karuna is a non-dogmatic yoga school. Their Awakening & Healing program aims for the self-development and self-realization of an individual and the community. This Koh Phangan yoga school was a bit different from what I’ve been used to since I’m more withdrawn to Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. For people who are more drawn to the physical aspect (or require it alongside the mental and spiritual), they might find another yoga school more suitable.


a lady's silhouette in front of ocean at sunset

A lovely photo of Jewels Bertrand, Kundalini Yoga teacher © Jewels Bertrand

The schedule here is very good, though. There are all sorts of classes available; Osho meditations, Tantra, dance meditations, Qi Gong and so on. Hence, this yoga retreat would be perfect for someone wishing to meditate, concentrate on their inner self rather than the physical practice. Yoga teacher trainings, Ayurveda retreats and detox available too, for instance.

Check the prices, availability and start your yoga holiday here.


Sunny Yoga

Sunny teaching

Sunny teaching © Sunny

Sunny’s shala has quickly become one of the most popular ones on Koh Phangan. It is not an actual retreat though there are some bungalows to be rented. The yoga shala has a unique hilltop location which gives soothing views to the jungle.


Sunny’s shala

Sunny is a passionate yoga teacher from Thailand and has managed to employ a few other Thai yoga teachers who have graduated from her popular yoga teacher training course. Sunny’s Hatha classes every morning at 11am are very popular and she is a well-respected and liked in the island community. Her Koh Phangan yoga teacher trainings have also been super popular.

Check the prices, availability and start your yoga holiday here.


 The Sanctuary

Yoga on the famous TRIBay walkway


This is one of the most famous yoga schools on Koh Phangan and one of the first ones too. It is situated on the East coast, on Haad Thian which means it’s more isolated compared to the rest of the island. The main mode of transport to this part of the island is the longtail boat. Nowadays the jeep drives here regularly too but the roads are not always in a decent condition because of the heavy rains. The ride is super, super bumpy anyway. Another option would be to hike here from Haad Rin.


My cute and Sanctuary bungalow with a king size bed

My cute Sanctuary bungalow

Because of Sanctuary’s secluded whereabouts the people who once find it love coming back here. This part of Koh Phangan has been described as old school too because it gathers the same crowds year after year. It can be a good or a bad thing, depending on whether you will be willing to make the effort of getting to know the crowds who already have a close bond. In my opinion, though, true hippies at heart are always welcoming and friendly and here it’s easy to get to know people.

The accommodation ranges from simple dorms to unique and stylish villas. I stayed in a cozy bungalow in the jungle and loved it! The visit was courtesy of The Sanctuary. The food here is nutritious and tasty as with all yoga retreats, from what I have experienced. Here they also serve fish.


The beautiful Haad Tien bay where Sanctuary is


A pic collage of the yoga shala at the Sanctuary


me sweating in a sarong in the infrared sauna

I love the infrared sauna at the Sanctuary!

Many come for the detox though it is possible to concentrate on yoga too. The classes are again somewhat “milder” which is smart considering that a lot of the guests are detoxing. There are fantastic (beauty) treatments, a herbal steam room and an infrared sauna available also, just to mention a few. In addition, there is the Tea Temple for talks, chilling and reading spiritual books. The Sanctuary is just unique. You have to experience it yourself!

More info here.


Siam Healing

Siam healing centre welcome board

Siam Healing Centre

The only yoga studio in Ban Tai. This area is a predominantly party and backpacker place with a regular old school crowd too. Siam Healing is situated in a garden setting close to the main road yet the noises don’t carry here. The bungalows are even farther from the main road and around a small pond.

Siam Healing is very close to the main port and town center, Thong Sala, with its numerous cafes, shops, and the Koh Phangan Night Market. In that sense, this would be a good location for someone who doesn’t want to stay exclusively at the yoga retreat but rather explore other parts of the island and visit the markets etc. Ban Tai is actually strategically located kind of in the middle of the island which makes it one of my favorite areas.


Inside the yoga shala

Inside the yoga shala

Siam Healing appreciates the fact that many yogis also want to sleep in on their holidays. I love it that their most popular class, Vinyasa Flow isn’t until 10.30am. The schedule isn’t as full as with many other yoga schools but I love it that the drop inns are only 300 baht making it one of the most affordable yoga schools on the island. Furthermore, teachers are always very knowledgeable and give variations to students of different levels. The new yoga shala is spacious and of concrete/dark wood materials making it very ambient. Cafe de Siam is a lovely haven too and this yoga shala hosts a regular hippie/art market event worth checking out.

More info here.


Ananda Yoga & Detox

Yoga on Koh Samui

This is one of the places I haven’t been yet. I think it’s leaning towards a detox (and yoga) center rather than a yoga shala so that is why I haven’t been here. Location wise it’s very good; It’s along the long Hing Kong beach/road with superb opportunities for watching sunsets, walking on the beach on low tide and dining at one of the best Koh Phangan restaurants. What’s more, it sits halfway between the main town of Thongsala and the yoga/new age town of Sri Thanu.

The classes concentrate on alignment and gentler Hatha. There are different kinds of yoga teacher trainings and detox programs to choose from. Amenities include a herbal steam room and a saltwater pool. The restaurant offers healthy vegetarian and vegan food.

Check the prices, availability and start your yoga journey here.


Ashtanga Mysore Platform on Haad Whynam

Views from Whynam yoga platform

Views from Whynam yoga platform


Whynam yoga platform

Whynam yoga platform

This shala is just a yoga platform in a beautiful location, by the sea, at Haad Whynam, on the East Coast. It’s running during the high season (apparently not in Jan-Feb though) but tends to slow down and come to halt when the low season kicks in. Many of my Ashtanga friends have practiced here. I’ve only come to see the location which is awesome. Check the opening times here.


Pure Flow Yoga

Pure Flow Yoga shala

I so much wanted to do a class here last time I was on Koh Phangan but, unfortunately, I ran out of time because caught dengue (note to your self: remember mozzie spray!) and was bed-ridden for some time. I went to check out their shala though which is in between the Whynam platform and The Sanctuary. It was nestled in the jungle and seemed quite spacious from the outside. Pure Flow Yoga doesn’t offer accommodation but in the Tri-Bay area, you can find all kinds of houses, from modest bungalows to well-equipped villas. You can try searching some of the bungalows here.

There are 2 daily yoga classes plus regular workshops and special programs. Pure Flow Yoga offers yoga teacher trainings in addition to the yoga retreats. Their specialty is yoga&sailing package that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Check the prices, availability and start your yoga journey here.


Orion Healing Center

Orion Healing

Orion Healing is one of the oldest yoga retreats on Koh Phangan. I did my Reiki class here some 8 years ago and then, about 3 years ago Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. This wellness center has evolved over the years and offers a variety of classes with different teachers plus many detox/wellness packages. The schedule consists of classes such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Aerial and Restorative Yoga. There are special workshops and programs all the time, such as Kambo and Cacao Ceremonies and Kirtan. You really can’t get bored here, in my opinion!


Raw pasta pesto

Raw pasta pesto that we learned to make

I love their steam room, in the garden too. The beach is not that great but Bovy beach is close and is quite nice. Oh, don’t forget to read my super thorough article on The Best Beaches of Koh Phangan. It will definitely become handy when trying to find your ultimate getaway place for some sun tannin’!

The Orion Healing restaurant offers wholesome vegan and raw food. One idea is to do a Raw Food Cooking class there. We got to do it at the yoga teacher training and it was really interesting. In addition, Sri Thanu with its shops, cafes and so on are conveniently close by, just 5 minutes away.

Check the prices, availability and start your yoga holiday here.


Best Koh Phangan Yoga Retreats All in All

As you can see, Koh Phangan yoga scene is booming. I’m quite sure that this island has something for all us yogis whether we prefer more dynamic yoga styles or gentler ones. Furthermore, the amount of different wellness treatments, yoga teacher trainings, and vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants on this tiny island is just surpassable. The way I see it, this island is every yogi’s dream!

Still couldn’t find anything? You can find all the Koh Phangan yoga retreats here.


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