Want to know the best Thailand yoga retreat? Well, here you have at least 10 of my favorites! I have actually tried quite a few yoga schools and yoga retreats in Thailand, especially on Koh Phangan where I did my Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training too. I have lived on the island on and off for a long time, so I know (almost) everything there is to know. More information on Thailand’s best island can be found here.

Anyway, here is the list of the best yoga retreats in Thailand. There are some luxury yoga retreats, budget options, short cityscapes and off the grid options. Enjoy!

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yoga split on a tropical background

Koh Phangan Yoga

The Yoga Retreat

This predominantly Astanga Yoga School is simply called the Yoga Retreat. It is one of the most affordable yoga retreats on Koh Phangan and has a friendly and intimate atmosphere. The place is not particularly swanky but the price makes up for what it loses in the interior. The place is also quite small, so it’s easy to get to know all the fellow yogis.

There is a restaurant that serves delicious vegetarian and vegan food (as well as juices for people who are detoxing). The steam room is heated twice a week and is included in the price for those living in at the retreat. The rooms are very modest, so if you are looking for luxury, this might not be the right choice. The prices are very reasonable though, so this is ideal for travelers on a budget.

inside a yoga shala

The Yoga Retreat

The focus is on daily Mysore-style Astanga classes (7:30 am – Fri except for the 1st set Saturday at 9am and Sun Yin 4pm). The teachers are all very experienced Ashtanga yoga teachers, (usually authorized) so you are in good hands. In the afternoons there is a gentle Hatha class at 4 pm. Yoga philosophy, chanting, and pranayama are also on the menu as well as detox programs. Beginners are welcome, even without previous Ashtanga experience and they will slowly be guided to the Mysore method at their own pace.


Sunset yoga on Koh Phangan

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Wonderland Healing

I stayed here one night, a guest of the retreat, and fell in love with the place. Wonderland Healing is a pretty big place compared to the Yoga Retreat, for example, but there was also a friendly and communal atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of yoga classes, pilates, and so-called extra curriculum activities. There are all kinds of wellness, detox and healing programs on the menu. The sky is the limit.

The emphasis is on more gentle Hatha style classes and beginners are taken into consideration. Personally, I felt that the lessons weren’t quite challenging enough. If you prefer more dynamic yoga styles, such as Ashtanga, Bikram or demanding Vinyasa flow, classes may seem a little too easy.

Wonderland pool area

Wonderland pool

One of the best things here is the fantastic vegan buffet. It was absolutely impossible to go hungry because the food was so healthy, yummy and varied. Naturally, people who were fasting were served shakes, juices and coconut water. In addition, the restaurant is very cozy and it’s the perfect place to get people eating and sharing their stories together.

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The Sanctuary

Yoga on the famous TRIBay walkway

Yoga on the famous TRIBay walkway


The Sanctuary is nestled in the remote Haad Thian Bay meaning it is well suited for those who are looking for stillness and some quietude. Having said that, the TriBay (ie. Haad Yuan, Haad Thien and Haan Whynam) area is also well-known for its fab parties; Eden, Guy’s Bar and the newish Peace&Love. Outside the partying hours (they are mostly on the weekend), this part of the island is very laid/back and quiet. Even the ubiquitous 7/11 is missing! Many who come here once fall in love with the place and want to come back year after year.

This part of Koh Phangan is also known for old school vibes as the people, in general, are way older than Haad Rin backpackers and many have been coming here for years. Some have felt that it can be a bit difficult to break the ice as many have been friends for a long time. However, in my opinion, true hippies are always hospitable and ready to embrace new people. So, don’t worry, just be openminded and I’m sure you will make plenty of new friends in no time.


My jungle balcony

My jungle balcony


Sample menu

Accommodation ranges from simple bungalows to more elegant villas. I myself stayed in a rustic jungle bungalow as a guest to the Sanctuary and loved it! The food here is nutritious and tasty, as with all yoga retreats that I’ve been to. Seafood is also on the menu, unlike at other retreats that are usually vegetarian or vegan based.


The beautiful Haad Tien bay where Sanctuary is

The beautiful Haad Tien bay

Many come here for a detox or wellness holiday, although it is also possible to focus on yoga. Again, the classes are somewhat “gentler”, which is mindful considering that most guests are fasting. There are also general (beauty) treatments, a steam room, and an infrared sauna. You will also find the Tea Temple cafe on the premises for chilling, special programs and reading spiritual books, as it functions as a library. You can read my full English review here.

Do you think Koh Phangan will be your chosen destination? I have also written a post about the Best Koh Phangan Yoga Retreats which is worth checking out.


Koh Samui Yoga and Wellness Retreats


Thatched roof bungalows

These bungalows re so cute! In case you prefer a more modern style, that’s not a problem either. Pic credits go to Vikasa

I was about to visit Vikasa on my last Koh Samui trip but, unfortunately, ran out of time. Anyway, Vikasa might be the best Thailand yoga retreat for those who are looking for a luxury yoga holiday. Vikasa is actually quite famous worldwide, as many of the world’s most popular yoga teachers hold workshops and retreats at Vikasa. I only wish I could afford one of those someday!


A magnificent sea view from the restaurant

I could certainly get used to this view from the restaurant © Vikasa

Vikasa has different room types for different budgets. However, none of the options are particularly cheap (starting around 80e/88$ night). The Life Cafe restaurant offers breathtaking vistas of the turquoise Gulf of Siam. The high standards continue inside the kitchen as the food is prepared by world-renowned chefs. They use only the finest and purest raw materials, and of course organic as often as possible. The spa offers a variety of massages and beauty treatments in fantastic conditions plus other relaxation treatments/methods, such as sound bowl therapy.

Check the prices, availability and start your yoga journey here


Absolute Sanctuary

A grand yellow hotel buildings and the pool area

Looks lovely, doesn’t it?! © Absolute Sanctuary

Absolute Sanctuary has received very good reviews from its customers. It is located in Choeng Mon, considered by many to be Koh Samui’s best beach. Absolute Sanctuary is not an actual yoga retreat but more of a wellness one. You could choose to do not just yoga, but also Core, Spinning and Pilates classes, not forgetting meditation either. Many come here for a proper detox or fitness holiday. There is even a package for a complete lifestyle change.


Moroccan inspired decor at the hotel

The Moroccan inspired decor © Absolute Sanctuary

The location is convenient, close to the airport, but the downside is that some guests have said that rooms would benefit from a little refurbishment. What’s more, this retreat offers different kinds of treatments, such as massage and infrared sauna (which I love by the way) and of course healthy vegetarian food or drinks for fasting people.

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Phuket Yoga and Fitness Holidays

CC’s Hideaway

yoga platform high up

The lovely outdoor yoga platform © CC’s Hideaway

Are you an adrenalin junkie, athletic or wish to stay active on your holidays? If you answered yes, then this adventure/yoga holiday in Phuket is probably for you. I myself have never been able to focus solely on yoga because I love many different sports and I always want to try something new. A good friend of mine, a sports addict who has tried just about everything from the trapeze to climbing, just recently spent a week at CC’s Hideaway and just loved it!

In addition to the daily yoga classes and meditation moments, this retreat offers a plethora of activities such as Thai culture, jungle walks, aerial yoga, and Thai boxing basics. Of course, the program also includes a grounding program and wellness consultation, and there is no need to take part in the intensive activities if you don’t want to.

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Action Point

man in a cold therapy bath

Cold therapy bath © Action Point

Love hot yoga? Then you’d probably enjoy this Phuket fitness and yoga retreat. The program is personalized according to your needs so everybody is welcome, from beginners to advanced. There are hot yoga and Bikram yoga classes on the menu but also more grounding Yin yoga.

The retreat has multiple activities, such as fitness classes, Crossfit, saunas, massages, and the new, much-hyped ice bath. I’d also love to have a personal trainer and a nutritional therapist to push me to my goals as they have here, at Action Point. This would be an excellent “get fit&fab” holiday for anyone willing to make the effort in the tropical paradise. So, when can I go?

Check the prices, availability and start your yoga journey here



two huge pools and a mountain backdrop

The huge Thanyapura pools. Pic © Thanyapura

Okay, one more option for a yoga and wellness holiday in Phuket. I got the recommendation from a Finnish travel blogger who had been here so I wanted to add it to the list. Thanyapura is a huge wellness resort that has such an enormous variety for all kinds of sports, such as tennis, running, football, Muay Thai, and, obviously, yoga included. There are over 100 group fitness classes per week and a purpose-built 900 sqm fitness center. All these are complementary to the hotel guests. Nice one! Apparently, world-class athletes train here plus there are frequent workshops, camps and so forth so all the facilities are top-notch (for instance a 50m Olympic pool and a 25m training pool).

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Chiang Mai Yoga

Om Waters

jokilautta järvellä

So tranquil © Om Waters

Oh my, what an exquisite framework this Chiang Mai yoga retreat has! Om Waters is located in the archipelago of Sri Lanta National Park. You are truly at peace here, nearly off the grid, as even wifi isn’t interfering with your daily practice and chilling moments. The program includes activities such as TRE (tension trauma release), Qi Gong and Laughing Yoga. This eco-yoga retreat is actually built on rafts, so you get a 360-degree view of the lake. The proximity to the water guarantees not only a spectacular backdrop and Zen state of mind but also swimming and canoeing for the long weekend that the retreat lasts.

The floating eco retreat © Om Waters

The location is, of course, a little off the beaten track. Also, some might think that despite the pristine environment, the accommodation might be a bit too basic as it happens in a shared room (curtains give you some privacy though). Hence, if you are looking for luxury, this may not be the right choice for you. I myself have spent one festival on such a river draft in Kanchanaburi, and I can tell you, it was such a unique and memorable experience even though the living-in conditions were fairly basic. Personally, I want to experience Om Waters one day.

Check the prices, availability and start your yoga journey here


Best Thailand Yoga Retreats in the City

Astanga primary series poster

Astanga primary series

Most of us want to do a yoga retreat on a paradise island or perhaps in the fresh mountain air. Often these places are situated well out of the way, far from the urban setting making the trip there time-consuming. Unfortunately, a week or 4 weeks long wellness retreat is just not always viable due to work commitments and other engagements. But fear not, in my opinion, a shorter urban yoga vacation would not be a bad idea either. At the same time, you can go sightseeing, get to know the local culture, shop and so much more. Plus we all know that even a little bit of yoga is better than no yoga at all.


Ashtanga Yoga Pattaya

I know that Pattaya has a bad rep in the eyes of many. However, I would advise you to visit it first before jumping into conclusions. True, it is not a picturesque place with white sand beach and turquoise sea like many Amazing Thailand destinations. But, Pattaya is a very diverse city, inexpensive and close to Bangkok.

I used to come to Pattaya a lot when I was teaching in the nearby city of Rayong. I visited Ashtanga Yoga Pattaya regularly and really enjoyed Steve Hyland’s lessons (Ashtanga level 1 authorized teacher). He is one of my favorite teachers so far on my Ashtanga journey. The shala is small so Steve has time for all his students and gives good adjustments and advice. In addition, Ashtanga Yoga Pattaya also has very reasonable prices. Read more here.


Ashtanga Yoga Pattaya shala

Mind Yoga Resort

If you don’t have time for a 2-4 week’s long yoga retreat, then a short 2 or 4-day-long mini escape in the immediate vicinity of Bangkok could be right for you. You probably already know that just when you complain about the scarcity of time and how hectic your life is, this is the time when you are in dire need of a short break. Besides, the positive effects of yoga are apparent very soon, a weekend-long holiday is enough.

yoga on a platform by a river

© Mind Yoga Resort

The guests have given positive feedback on the beautiful and peaceful river/garden setting, excellent yoga and meditation classes to all levels and of the great staff! I think it’s also nice that you get a Thai yoga teacher as many of the teachers in Thailand are foreigners. I think I will look into this next time I’m in Bangkok!

Check the prices, availability and start your yoga journey here


Thailand Yoga Holidays In Conclusion

Well, by now you must’ve noticed that Thailand is the yoga mecca of South East Asia! Just about every yoga style and both luxury and budget retreats are represented. Plus you get to enjoy the warm tropical climate, the amazing Thai hospitality, and delicious Thai food.  But, if for some reason you haven’t found what you are looking for yet, you can find more yoga holidays here. Treat yourself, you have earned it!


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