Coppa Club Igloos have been a massive hit so this time, I want to tell you about my experience at Coppa London. When I saw the pics from these Towerbridge igloos, I just knew I had to go there. Moreover, I used to live in London in my 20s and have visited London for several occasions, eg. for a Yoga Therapy Course, which means I have seen most of the major sights and I’m looking for unique London things to do.

Coppa Club actually has 6 restaurants but only London and Brighton ones have these themed igloos. The igloos have varying themes or decor that blend in with the current season. In general, Coppa Club strives for easy-going and informal vibes and it wants to be a place where people can eat, drink and also work with their laptops.

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Coppa Igloos in a row

Coppa Igloos in a row


London Tower Bridge by night

The Amazing views at Coppa London

When and How to Visit Coppa London

As you can probably guess, the igloos have become super popular ever since they started just over a year ago. They get booked well in advance. By this, I mean months in advance. I started visiting their web page a month before our trip but pretty much every time I looked, there were no available slots. Well, every once in a while there seemed to be a cancellation either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, nothing was showing up for our travel dates.


Romantic Coppa Igloos

Romantic Coppa Igloos


Closer to our London trip, we noticed that there will always be a cancellation or two close to the exact dates. When we finally got to London, I managed to secure a reservation for dinner and we were super happy, yey!

So, my advice is, keep checking up the booking page, you can find it here, and most likely one time you will get lucky.


Coppa igloos

Coppa by night


Coppa Club igloo in summer theme

Coppa Club in summer. Pic credits go to Coppa Club

Visiting the Igloos Without a Reservation

Yes, this is possible! Even if you haven’t managed to get a table, you can still come here to take pictures or perhaps eat inside the actual Coppa restaurant next to the igloos. But even better would be to get a table for walk-in clients. Every day, they reserve some tables for the walk-ins, so just go there to see what’s available.

You may need to wait for your table but there are a lot of things to see in London -even nearby the Coppa Igloos- such as the London Tower or Tower Bridge so I’m sure you won’t get bored waiting for your table. Another option would be to arrive here just before the restaurant opens. Then most likely you get to eat a nice breakfast almost straight away.


Coppa restaurant


London by night


Dinner at London Coppa Club Igloos

The restaurant seems to work like a well-oiled machine. You get the table for 1,5 hours so this isn’t the time nor the place for a slow-paced dining experience. Despite this, I still recommend Coppa London because of its fantastic location and the quality of the overall experience.


portion of Linguine at Coppa


The menu is quite broad but the dishes are fairly simple, guaranteed hits, such as pizza, burgers, pasta, salads, and steaks. There are also appetizers, such as garlic bread and prawns. There is a dessert menu but we chose to have just entrees and the main course because we didn’t want to feel too rushed in. You can glance at the menu here. I had linguine and it was yummy. My dining companions ordered a steak which was good but the burger, apparently was rather bland.

Prices were typical to any London restaurant so not overly expensive. Dinner for 3 with a bottle of wine cost a bit over 100 pounds. They add a 10% tip to the bill automatically but should you not want this, you can ask it removed. I’m not sure if anyone would ever actually do this. For a more inexpensive eating experience, choose either breakfast or brunch. I’m sure it would be equally as enchanting because of this unique location and decor.


selfie in an igloo

Happy, happy!


Address: Coppa Club, 3 Three Quays Walk,
Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6AH

Monday to Thursday 7:30am – 11pm
Friday 7:30am – 12am
Saturday 9am – 12am
Sunday 9am – 10:30pm

More info:

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