Allas Sea Pool Helsinki was built in 2016 while I was volunteering and teaching in Thailand. I thought it looked great when I saw the pictures and when I finally got to experience it, I couldn’t agree more. It’s pretty unique to have pools right in the city center and all the other extras that come with this wellness and culture center, such as saunas, concerts, pilates, SUP yoga, and other yoga styles.


The "beach" section where you can also do an outdoor exercise session

The ”beach” section where you can also do an outdoor exercise session


Allas Sea Pool Helsinki Facilities

This place has 3 pools: the warm water one, one for children and the seawater pool.  The temperature in the first two are pleasant 27 C and the sea pool is a tad bit colder. Don’t worry, the water is pumped from further the Gulf of Finland, not from the marina and it also goes through a rigid UV cleaning process.

In the normal pool, you can choose between an easy swim, moderate pace and fast-paced swim.

Similarly, there are 3 saunas: for ladies, men and a mixed one which can also be booked for private functions. The locker room area (at least the ladies’ side) is quite tiny but will do. Another awesome sauna that is definitely worth a visit would be Sompasauna. In my opinion, it’s the best public sauna in Helsinki.


The Allas Sea pool warm water pool and lifeguards in the background

The Allas Sea Pool warm water pool is on the right



Allas Cafe and Neighbour Bistro will ensure that you won’t get hungry nor thirsty here. Moreover, you have the wonderful sun decks to enjoy the sun, look at Helsinki silhouette or observe the massive cruise ships which stop at the harbor. You won’t need a ticket to enter here so it’s an excellent place to get a view over Helsinki.


View from the deck with pools in the front and Helsinki in the background

View from the deck

Soups at Allas Cafe are a bit over 10 euros and salads close to 13 so they are pretty normal prices for Helsinki city center. In addition, you will find healthy options, such as smoothies and raw porridges here. Neighbour Bistro offers a la carte menu, the emphasis being on small dishes.

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Allas Sea Pool has a stage on the premises, next to the Ferris wheel if you’d be keen to try that. They’ve had big names in these concerts, such as upcoming Jose Gonzales’ gig, super popular Finnish artists, eg. Reino Nordin, Paperi T, and Scandinavian Music Group. Tickets cost around 25-40 euros.


Next to Allas Sea Pool Helsinki you can find a Ferris wheel. The gigs are held on the grass field

Next to Allas Sea Pool Helsinki you can find a Ferris wheel. The gigs are held on the grass field



There are quite a few different classes to choose from, from more demanding HIIT workouts to more relaxing sessions, such as yoga and pilates. Yoga classes tend to dominate, though, and they have different themes, such as Yin yoga or upper body-based yoga and, weather permitting, they will be held outside. There is also a small exercise area outside that you can use if you want to do a simple training session.

All the classes cost 25 euros and include the use of the sauna and the pools.

There are some unique classes, such as sauna yoga and wine & stretching class. I was, however, keen to try SUP yoga as I have really enjoyed SUP paddling and as you might know, I love yoga as well, as I have done Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand and So, let’s dig deeper into this experience.


SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga and me in a downward dog

SUP Yoga and me in a downward dog

We were lucky with the weather because it was a beautiful and sunny day in Helsinki. The SUP classes are held in the seawater pool so don’t fall unless you want to get a cool dip under everyone’s eyes. I think we were about 10 or so. This time we even had 2 guys with us!

First, we heard a short introduction and were given advice on how to descend to the pool with the SUP board. The actual class started in the lotus or more familiarly, the cross-legged seated position where we did some deep breaths and concentrated on the present moment.


Me in lotus on a SUP board

Lotus on a SUP board

During the class, we didn’t do too many asanas, or in plain English, postures, but of course, downward dog and upward dog were part of the drill. This was actually the only part in which I started feeling sweaty. We also took some lunges and opened up our chest with baby bridges. The class ended up with a short relaxation.

Some of the postures were demanding and I really had to engage my core in 3-legged up and down dog. A few times I felt quite wobbly but it was fun. In general, the class was quite easy for me and next time I’d want to try a more challenging one. But yes, you can get a really good core workout in SUP yoga. It is not – obviously – yoga per se but something of a mix of workout and yoga. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it and want to try it again.

Because the class was suited to all levels, I’d recommend everyone to give it a go. You don’t have to be a flexible yogi or an experienced SUP athlete to try SUP yoga. It was more of a relaxing moment with some core strength that left you smiling for the rest of the day.


Guys showing some asanas on SUP boards. Well done, guys!

Our 2 men in the class showing some asanas on SUP boards. Well done, guys!


Pools are closed on Mondays (restaurants are open though). Tuesday-Sunday: from early in the morning until late. Tickets cost 14 euros for adults, kids 7. From the shop, you can buy souvenirs, or in case you forgot your bathers, you can rent them, in addition to other necessary bathing items, such as towels, robes, shampoo and the likes. Do notice that this establishment is also open in winter!

Ok, this was my experience at the Allas Sea Pool Helsinki with SUP Yoga. Hope you get to visit it as well. A unique place not to be missed, in my opinion.

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