If you are reading this, you’ve been probably wondering if you should get a Non-B Visa in Yangon. In this post, I will give you my honest opinion, describe the process and give some recommendations on what to do while you are waiting for your documents to come through.

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Is It Easy Getting a Non-B Visa in Yangon?

In my opinion, the process is straightforward and relatively painless. And those of us who have been living in Thailand, most likely know that this is not always the case. Bear in mind, however, that the rules and regulations change constantly depending on the Thai government and its current trends. Therefore, check the up-to-date requirements before making any decisions where you will be applying for the visa.

Before paying for your tickets, check out the Visa requirement for Myanmar also. Don’t do the same mistake that I did, and leave everything to the last minute. You can read more about it here.

Food in Yangon is cheap and delicious. Accommodation is a bit more pricey compared to many other Asian cities because the whole country has just recently started opening up to tourism. However, there are inexpensive options available. Just remember to book it well in advance during the high season (December-February, I would say). Bear in mind that you need to get a visa for Myanmar as well which will set you back further 25-50 USD depending on where you get it from.


How to Find the Thai Embassy?


street view of the embassy

Manaw Hari Street, where the Embassy is at


Most of the time if I’m in a new place I prefer walking if the distance is not too great. You grasp the city better and can find interesting things by chance.  Hence, take a stroll along Pyay Rd. It takes about 30-40 minutes if you are coming from the city. You walk this street all the way until you have Manaw Hari Street. Turn left.  The embassy is just 100 metres away, on your left.

However, this might not be a suitable tactic if you hate taking extra steps or sweating in general. In that case, take a taxi. It’s not expensive anyway. Just remember to negotiate the price beforehand. Might be worth asking the locals or the hotel staff beforehand what the correct rate would be.


Once at the Embassy

I arrived at the Thai Embassy 9am and there was a short queue outside which seemed to consist of locals mainly. They opened the doors 9am sharp and the service inside was quite fast. They don’t have applications on display so better to have one with you unless you want to wait to get one and then wait again after you have filled it out. The link to the Embassy’s webpage is here and you will find a list of the required documents also.

Don’t worry even if they talk about business visa on the internet page. I emailed the staff and they said you can apply with this “business visa” if you plan to teach in Thailand. Anyway, after you have handed in your documents and paid for the visa, they give you a receipt and inform the collection date and time. If you have done everything by the book, it is only a short while before you have your new Non-B Visa in your hands.


The Royal Thai Embassy entrance where you will get your Non-B Visa in Yangon

Outside the Royal Thai Embassy


A Check-list for Getting a Non-B Visa in Yangon

  • check the national holidays for both, Thailand and Myanmar, to avoid unfortunate extra days spent waiting
  • make sure you have all the required documents and photos before visiting the Embassy
  • you also need crisp USD bills to pay for your visa
  • dress appropriately, ie. not too much skin showing and at least have clean clothes on
  • show up from 9-11am if you need to leave the application
  • the collection time is the next day 1.30-3pm


What’s Next?

Once you have left your passport in secure hands, you might want to grab a bite or get straight down to the business; sightseeing that is. There are a few cafes and local restaurants in the neighborhood. I would suggest My Garden restaurant on Ahlone Rd, about 5 minutes from the Embassy. Tealeaf salad was tasty and inexpensive.

From there, it’s easy to visit People’s Square Park or Shwedagon Pagoda. On the other hand, if you decide to walk back towards the city, you will find the National Museum on your way. Next time I’m here, I will definitely go see some street art in Yangon. Some more suggestions you can find in my Top 3 Things to Do in Yangon post.

If you are feeling lazy and don’t want to orienteer on your own or want to maximize your time, do one of the organized tours. Below are just some examples:



People’s Square Park and About

The park is okay but I don’t like the fact that they are charging tourists when the park actually doesn’t have anything special to see.  I think that they might be selling these only at the Ahlone Street entrance. You can easily dodge the ticket booth if you don’t take the main walkway. If you want to escape the hectic city this is a calming oasis, though. They have a small amusement park in the back and plenty of restaurants and kiosks around.

What I would suggest, however, is this enchanting bamboo walkway just before you get into the park. It’s right behind My Garden restaurant and doesn’t cost anything. Just beautiful, don’t you agree?! After the park, why not go shopping some cultural souvenirs from Myanmar?


A beautiful bamboo walkway

A beautiful bamboo walkway next to People’s Park


Sleeping dog

The dog is alive, believe it or not!


Ok, now you should know how to get a Non-B Visa in Yangon. Or any other Thai visa in Myanmar pretty much as long as you have the correct documents. Hopefully, you will find this post useful. Please let me know if there are any changes in the regulations and this post would require editing. Good luck!

If you want to know more about my teaching career in Thailand, check out this post about teaching jobs in Thailand and this one about the daily life of a teacher in Thailand with all its quirks.


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I would strongly recommend getting a Non-B Visa in Yangon for teaching in Thailand. The process is relatively straightforward and painless. In this post, I describe the process, any pitfalls you might encounter and also what fun things to do to do in Yangon while waiting for your new Thai Visa #thaivisa #myanmar #yangon