I must say, I had quite high expectations for my trip to the Panviman Resort, on Koh Phangan. They all got exceeded in a major time. Read more and you will know why…

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Panviman Resort Koh Phangan. However, I still only recommend places and products that I truly like and would expect my readers to enjoy, too.


Me overlooking the ocean in the infinity pool

Just loved the Panviman infinity pool


Sunbathing in a cabana sunbed

Chillaxing at Panviman


Panviman Resort is situated in Thong Nai Pan Noi, on the quieter side of Koh Phangan.  I have written a super thorough article on this island by the way and you can find it here. Thong Nai Pan is known for its conglomeration of high-end resorts and Panviman is one of those, the first one on the island. It’s built on a hill that is in the middle of Thong Nai Pan Noi (the smaller one) and Thong Nai Pan Yai (bigger one). This ensures vistas like no other. From now on, we call these places TNPN and the latter one TNPY for short.



The resort is spread on the hill and down to the beach. I’m a little bit poompui (Thai, meaning you have a few extra kilos) and decided to walk to my place in the hope of losing a few grams during my stay. The staff courteously tried to offer me a lift every time but I just made funny gestures, trying to show my slightly grown belly.  NB, if your date is waiting on top of the hill, I wouldn’t advise you to do this (the after sweat is ridiculous, you have been warned!). Anyway, most (sane) people use the buggy that takes you to your room anytime you want.

a seaview in dusk

This lookout restaurant called 2CB is worth having a look. It’s in Thong Nai Pan Yai

Grand Jacuzzi Villa

Oh my! This villa left me breathless. It was so beautiful and the view from my balcony was out of this world! On my right, there was TNPY and on the left, TNPN. A few of my friends came over to see the place and they just didn’t want to leave! And I don’t blame them. The same happened to me. The best part was the view but the interior design of the villa was a close second.


A beautiful view overlooking the ocean and the bay

View from my balcony (to the right)

Obviously, the bed was huge and comfy. I’ve always laughed about the idea of a pillow buffet where you can change your pillow should you feel that it wasn’t to your liking. For the first time in my life, I decided to try it and didn’t regret my decision. I’m quite tiny and hence, often pillows are too big for me and my neck gets sore. I swapped to a feather one and slept like a baby.


Panviman bedroom

The luxurious Panviman bedroom


Panviman bedroom


In the room, there was a cupsolo coffee machine and fruits as a welcoming gift. I loved it that they had even filled up the kettle ready for me. These fine details really make a hotel stand out from the rest. Obviously, there was a tv and a minibar, and the prices, for once, were very reasonable. The only thing lacking, in my opinion, was the wine glasses. I think that some people might long for a more modern feel but to me, this interior design was perfectly fine.

The villa is on 2 floors; bedroom, small living room and the balcony on one and then, downstairs, you have a bathroom with the jacuzzi. Downstairs felt really spacious but the open concept might not be everyone’s favorite. The jacuzzi is facing the sea so the whole place feels like a spa with a view. Perfect for a relaxing spa moment or even a romantic one if you are traveling with your loved one.

Me in a bathtub overlooking to the sea from a window

Pure bliss!

Panviman Resort Premises

What else can be said about the hotel? In my opinion, Panviman Koh Phangan would make an ideal place for a wellness-oriented holiday. There is a modern gym that I used on both days to do some yoga. The equipment is new and there are enough cardio machines. They organize yoga and fitness classes for the hotel guests, too (check availability, they might not be on when it’s low season).

Me doing yoga at Panviman Resort

Some yoga behind the gym

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Thai massage platform with sea in the background

I could easily imagine being pampered with a Thai massage in a place like this

Alternatively, get a good workout using the complimentary kayaks and SUP boards Panviman offers for its guests. I actually got completely SUP crazy this year and even bought my own board. You can guess the excitement when I got to do some paddling on my own. The vibe is quite different here, when you paddle in the turquoise, salty water, compared to the small lakes that we have in Finland.

The lush Panviman pool area

The lush Panviman pool area

The pool area is just lovely with its surrounding garden. The infinity pool is a decent sized and you get to have the views to TNPY this time. We ordered some drinks from the pool bar/restaurant but didn’t eat anything this time. There is also a smaller pool with bubbles in the area and a kids’ pool for the younger ones.


a variety of drinks at the Panviman pool

Wine, beer or a healthy shake. Up to you, you are on holidays!


Me standing next to the pool in the garden setting

Paradise on earth!


The Best Breakfast

Breakfast was served at Pan Sea restaurant. This definitely goes on top of my list of the most beautiful breakfast spots EVER. The round-shaped restaurant gives awesome views to both sides; TNPN and TNPY. I mean, breakfast has always been the reason for me to wake up in the morning but this took it to a whole new level.


Breakfast items on a table outside

One of the best breakfast places ever

I didn’t want to leave the breakfast room because the vistas were breathtaking. The breakfast is very versatile as you would expect from a 5-star hotel; there is an egg station, salad buffet, cold cuts, muesli and cereal, Thai food, dumplings, an assortment of fruits, healthy juice shots, bread and toast with preserves and jams, specialty coffees and of course, pastries and cakes for dessert.


a variety of breakfast items

I was very satisfied with the breakfast

I also had dinner with a friend at Stone Beach restaurant (that obviously is located right on the beach). We hadn’t seen each other for a long time and it was so funny, we just kept talking and talking and couldn’t get our orders done. The waiters patiently tried to ask us a couple of times if we were ready but there was just too much catching up to do (sorry!).


Rocks and a huge tree with Panviman Resort sign

I love the nature around Panviman

There was a traditional Thai dance show and a fire show too to keep us entertained. Definitely worth coming down just for the dinner even if you wouldn’t be staying here (which I obviously do recommend though). We opted for barbeque fish, mackerel and snapper that turned out to be top choices. My dessert was coconut ice-cream and it was divine as usual. You just can’t go wrong with that!

walking in the beautiful Panviman garden

Walking in the beautiful Panviman garden


Overall, my stay at Panviman Resort Koh Phangan was incredible. It definitely is a 5-star resort that pays attention to details. Perhaps it’s not the newest hotel but it has some real character and the staff is amazing! On my last night, they brought me a small gift which is going to be a nice memory from this trip. Kudos to the whole team for the warm hospitality and until next time!

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