Rabbit Resort is an awesome and unique small-dog friendly hotel in Pattaya. This time, however, I was traveling without my beloved furry friend. Despite missing Chase, the Thai mix Dog a bit, I truly enjoyed my time at this tranquil oasis on my own, too.

Disclaimer: I was hosted by Rabbit Resort. However, I still only recommend places and products that I truly like and would expect my readers to enjoy, too.


Me posing

There are plenty of places for photography!


Rabbit Resort: A Unique Thai-Style Resort

Pattaya has had its fair share of high-rise buildings and I’m afraid this trend isn’t going anywhere. Rabbit Resort is a refreshing exception among the impersonal and stereotypical hotels and condominiums. You can’t find many traditional Thai style houses here anymore and this makes Rabbit Resort even more special.

Lovely Thai-inspired decor in the room

Lovely Thai-inspired decor

The resort consists of multiple villas and rooms to suit everyone’s needs. They are family-friendly, small dog-friendly and I believe gay-friendly likewise. The interior design is all Thai-inspired and rustic. Sometimes it’s nice to stay in modern hotels but personally, I prefer traditional teak woods, dark furniture, and those unique little things that make a hotel to stand out from the rest.

In the spacious room, you will find a safety box, kettle for tea and coffee making, fridge, flat-screen tv and a robe with slippers. The bathroom has all the typical necessities, such as shampoo, toothbrush and so on.


Garden and the Pool

The resort is set in a beautiful garden setting with plenty of palms, flowers and even cute squirrels that get fed by the employees! There are 2 pools, one for adults and another one for families. I liked them both and couldn’t decide which one I liked more. This time, there weren’t any families around though so it was peaceful on either side.

pool in a garden

Adult-only pool

In Thailand, sometimes, there can be one problem in the garden setting though; mosquitoes. I’d have preferred to leave my villa room open but like the hotel suggested, the mozzies might want to fly in so better to keep the doors closed. Remember to use repellant and preferably long pants later at night and you should be fine.

Do also visit the photo galleries they have set up here. Mrs. Rabbit told me that her husband is a keen photographer and you can get to know his work around the resort. They have set up various spots/frames around the resort for photo taking and selfies. I probably spent at least 2 hours here with my selfie stick and camera tripod. Hope you like the pics also!


me at the family pool splashing water

At the family pool

Restaurant & Food

I only had time for breakfast on both days because of my hectic schedule but I’ve had dinner here with my family some years back. The restaurant has a fab location just a few meters from the beach so you get a sea view and a refreshing breeze from the sea. At night, the lights would make this an ideal place for a romantic dinner. Shame that my boyfriend was far away and I had to enjoy all this beauty on my own.

breakfast buffet room

Breakfast buffet

Anyway, the breakfast was abundant and they also use organic products here. There are all kinds of breakfast items available; traditional Thai dishes, fresh bread and toast, different juices, salad bar, yogurt, cheese, fresh fruits, croissants, cakes, waffles, cereal and an egg-station where the cook prepares your eggs the way you like it. Do also try the jams here because they are self-made and yummy! I tried strawberry, blueberry, and mango varieties on toast and couldn’t decide which one I liked most.


various breakfast items

Tasty breakfast with plenty to choose from

The Best Small Dog-Friendly Hotel in Pattaya?

Even though I didn’t have my dog with me this time, I really enjoyed other patrons’ furry friends around. I’m so happy that nowadays it’s possible to stay in a hotel with your dog! Pattaya has its fair share of pensioners and more and more of senior travelers have their beloved dog with them too. I think it’s fantastic! In case you are also staying in Bangkok, check out my article about Bangkok’s Best Pet-Friendly Hotels.


a small fluffy dog

The cutest ever “patron”


Dongtan Beach (an extension of the infamous Jomtien Beach) and Jomtien, in general, are good for taking walks with your dog because you get a nice breeze and the palm trees protect you from the sun. Many of the local dogs are getting used to tourists walking with their dogs but it’s still always good to stay alert especially if you are new in the area.

By the way, I have written an extensive article about how to make Pet Travel in Thailand easier. Have a look at it if you are planning on coming here with your cat or dog. It might have a few useful tips 😉


The Staff & The Fitness

Everyone here was super helpful and friendly, including Mrs. Rabbit who went the extra mile and also took me to the nearby brand new Muscle Factory gym. Rabbit Resort offers the use of this gym to its guests. The gym has all the newest equipment, enough cardio machines and fitness classes available for those who are not into weight lifting.

stylish Muscle Factory lobby

Muscle Factory lobby


With Mrs. Rabbit at Muscle Factory both having colourful dresses on

With Mrs. Rabbit at Muscle Factory


Jomtien and Dongtan are very good choices for people preferring to be fit and active in their holidays. From Rabbit Resort, you could make your way to the famous Big Buddha statue on Pratamnak Hill, on the right, where there are designated running trails and some fitness machinery along the road. Alternatively, turn left and you can walk all the way to the end of Jomtien Beach.


Me standing at one of the photography frames they have at Rabbit Resort

Ample opportunities for photo taking around the resort


Once again, I want to thank the whole staff and the owners of Rabbit Resort. I had a lovely time here and next time would take my dog with me also. In case you want more info or make direct bookings, have a look at their website https://rabbitresort.com/