As a bonus, we had a raw food cooking class during Ashtanga yoga teacher training. We didn’t actually make anything ourselves but the cook showed how everything is done and obviously, we got to sample the dishes.

Lately, I haven’t had time for cooking so this gave me some inspiration now when I can start making my own food again. I have been considering buying a Vitamix or something similar since my blender is lacking horsepower and making raw food cakes can be a bit tricky.


a green smoothie bowl

smoothie bowl

Raw Pasta Pesto

This dish was just super delicious. Zucchini was spiralized into “spaghetti” and the pesto consisted of cashews, Thai basil, olive oil, nutritional yeast, garlic, and Himalayan salt which were blended together. This is a recipe that I will definitely be making soon.



Raw pasta pesto, voila!


Chia Seed Pudding called Raw Layered Delight

I make chia seed pudding quite often and this recipe will definitely be added to my routine. You can make it for breakfast, enjoy it as a snack or even as a dessert. So versatile! Anyway, it consisted of different layers that you cool down in the fridge about 15 minutes before adding the next layer. If you skip this phase you won’t be able to get the rainbow effect.

The first layer was fresh mango blended into pure. The next one had coconut meat from a fresh coconut, blended together with some coconut water and a pinch of coconut sugar. The top layer consisted of raspberries, soaked chia seeds, and coconut sugar again. Beautiful, I can tell ya! I will try this recipe next week when my Mum is coming over. She would love this because it’s healthy, fresh and not overly sweet.



Chia seed pudding


Raw Sushi

The last recipe of the raw food cooking class was raw sushi. I mean, it’s ok but it is nowhere near the real deal, sorry guys! I wouldn’t substitute sushi for this. At least not yet. The rice is made of cauliflower and cashews, blend into rice-like consistency. It is seasoned with olive oil, black sesame seeds and Himalayan salt. The filling is different vegetables cut into very thin slices and then you roll them into sushi with nori seaweed sheets as you would normally do. You can dip your sushis in soy sauce or make your own.


raw sushi

Raw sushi

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Almond Milk

On top of the munchies, we also saw how almond milk is made. It was surprisingly fast and easy. Almonds are not very cheap, however, so I doubt I would be making this very often. I want to try it once, though.


Raw Food Cooking Class: the Conclusion

The class was very useful and inspirational. I think I will need to order some superfoods online. Nowadays you can buy most things here on Koh Phangan but the selection is not always super good and products can be a bit pricey. Then again, nutritious and healthy food is always a bit costly so not sure if ordering online will make a big difference.

A nutrient-rich, plant-based diet is good for everyone and it supports your yoga practice. During teacher training, I haven’t eaten meat which I don’t eat much anyway. A small addition was leaving sugar out and in Thailand, that means you need to leave most things in shop because they add sugar to everything. This clean eating has made my skin glow and I’m feeling very good overall; not bloated or heavy after a meal at all.  My yoga teacher mentioned that my skin is glowing and I noticed it myself as well. Must be the combination of yoga and clean eating.


Making almond milk in the raw food cooking class

Almond milk on its way!