It took some time to compile this comprehensive list of vegan restaurants (and vegan-friendly) in Helsinki but finally it’s here! I’ve included eg.  my favorite pizza place, the best vegan cafe and the best vegan brunch too. Enjoy!


Vegan Helsinki in the City Center

Grön stands out from the rest of these listed restaurants as it’s a fine dining place. It’s a newcomer yet it was awarded a Michelin star in 2019. They offer two seasonal menus, one of them which is vegan. The team has received much praise for its ambitious and unique take on food. The food is based on seasonal, organic, wild and Scandinavian produce, according to the restaurant. Menus cost approx. 60€/67$ and with a wine packet it’ll be 108€/120$.


Entrance to Green Hippo Cafe

You can find Green Hippo Cafe in this beautiful, old, pink building

Green Hippo Cafe is a newish cafe/restaurant and it has become hugely popular. The prices are super reasonable (eg. filtered coffee only 1,5e). They are not completely vegan and they even serve a bit of chicken in some portions but because of the cozy ambiance, healthy dishes and good value for money, it definitely is worth to be mentioned. Bonus points for all-day breakfast. This place has actually become my favorite lately so do check it out!


Yes Yes Yes is a funky new restaurant in the city center. Previously, this lot was occupied by McDonald’s so things have changed fair a bit. Nowadays, there is a tandoor oven and an open concept kitchen. Most of the small dishes, such as filled dips&flat bread, grilled veggies and a few heartier portions (risotto, noodles) are vegan and they have a good selection of wines, exciting cocktails and some desserts, such as classic banoffee. The decor is quite like nothing else. I’d describe it as a mix between the 90s, Miami Vice and a diner.

Miami Vie themed decor

Loving the unique interior design. Pic credits go to Royal Ravintolat


Putte’s is one of the best bars in Helsinki, in my opinion. It’s my favorite place with my beloved four-legged friend, Chase, the Thai mix Dog, for some after work and some seriously tasty pizza!  You can’t beat the super central location either, just a stone throw’s away from Stockmann department store (the epitome of central Helsinki). Apparently, there is vegan lunch nowadays as well: from Mon-Fri too at lunchtime they have Margherita pizza / Vegan Marinara pizza / soup and a vegan salad bar.


Zucchini has been around for ages, yet I only recently tried it so I could write about it. It’s a cute little lunch restaurant with lovely old furniture and sophisticated atmosphere. It is just around the corner from the busy Esplanad park and city center, nevertheless, it’s on a quiet street, Fabianinkatu. When I visited Zucchini, it was close to closing time and thus, it was pretty quiet. But from what I’ve understood, it gets extremely busy during lunch.

A lovely, old-fashioned front desk

This place is just adorable!

Lunch is around 10€/11$ depending on what you choose (warm meal/soup/salad). They have smaller portions available as well, such as quiche or a pizza slice and some fantastic pies that come with a vanilla sauce of your choice (dairy or vegan). As you can guess, some dishes are vegan and some suitable for vegetarians in general. In addition to teas, specialty coffees and fresh juices there is a small selection of organic wines. Moreover, the service is warm and this means I will be coming back here.

Cake and famous Finnish design brand cup in the background

The scrumptious pie and notice Finnish design (by Iittala) coffee cup from the Paradise collection in the background

Address:  Fabianinkatu 19-25 Hours: Mon-Fri 11-16


OmNam is completely vegan and their slogan is “food is rarely just nutrition”. It is situated in the inner courtyard of Annankatu 29B where you can find my beloved yoga school, Astanga Helsinki, too. In addition to lunch hours from Monday until Friday 11-15, they serve dinner 17-22 (Wed-Fri) and are open on Saturdays 12-22. This place can be a bit tricky to find, nevertheless, it gets crowded during lunch hour.

The dining room

Inside OmNam


Many Chinese and Thai restaurants offer an abundance of vegan dishes but this post would be way too long if I added them all. Have a look at the menus and remember to mention “no fish sauce, please” if you decide to go for Thai food. New Bamboo Center is worth mentioning, however, because it’s kind of an institution in the Helsinki restaurant scene. This tiny Chinese/Malaysian restaurant is next to OmNam on Annankatu. However, I heard some rumors that the owner lady might be retiring soon. Go check it out before it’s too late!

As with many Asian dishes, you can order yours with tofu and the prices are not too bad either, 10-12€/11-13,4$. The lunch offer is only about 8€ but then again, your only option for this price seems to be the Chinese mixed vegetables. I actually haven’t been here for a long time but used to be a regular. I just talked to a friend who still comes here frequently. According to him, the quite loud yet super friendly owner lady is still serving there. Go and check it out for that Chinese fix or inexpensive takeaway! Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 11-20, Saturday 12-21.



A tasty sandwich

The Kippo sandwiches are super tasty with superb fillings

Kippo, which calls itself positively plant obsessed, is more of a deli where you can grab awesome sandwiches, coffee, juices and smoothies with you. It’s situated in the Forum shopping center top floor right in the heart of the city. Someone hinted that these guys make the best sandwiches in Helsinki so, naturally, I went and gave them the opportunity to fill up these high expectations.

I found them, if not the best sandwiches in the city, at least one of the tastiest. You have the option of vegan mozzarella or cashew cheez. Bread can be old fashion kind or you can go gluten-free (add 1,2€).  I had Chili the Kid with their homemade cashew cheese and it was delicious. Everything is made fresh in front of your eyes and all the package is bio-degradable.


Unique Vegan Cafes and Restaurants in Helsinki

Cargo cafe is a vegan-friendly restaurant that is erected in a container close to the city center. This restaurant is kind of a combination of a wine bar, cafe, and restaurant. They have a vegan breakfast set, soup of the day and small dishes, such as vegan waffle, vegan BLT and the classic chia seed pudding of course.

The best part is the cool deck (in summer) giving you views over to different directions of the city. Their opening hours expand summer time up until 8-10PM depending on the weather but normally they are open Mon-Fri 8-16, Sat 10-16 . I strongly recommend having a glass of wine here admiring the sweet Helsinki summer evenings because the patio is wonderful!

Cargo cafe sun deck with a cappuccino and some cake in the front

The sun deck and my cappuccino moment

More info:


Loop is certainly unique as this zero-waste restaurant is situated in one of the top Helsinki things to see, Lapinlahti. Anyway, in this old asylum and its beautiful, lush garden you will find Loop. Most of the food is vegan so you will always find something to eat but the menu is a surprise as the surplus food is collected from different places and then made into delicious meals.

In addition, they also employ young people and others who’ve had a hard time finding work so it’s a social enterprise also! In summer, they keep Loop open until 9pm from Thursday until Saturday, possibly even with the occasional barbeque. Otherwise, they are open 11am-3pm. On the weekends, the brunch is completely vegan every 1st and 3rd week of the month. One thing more, the soup lunch is only 7,5€/8,4$ and that’s a fair price by Helsinki standards.

A historical big building in a leafy garden

Loop has one of the best or the most beautiful locations in Helsinki


Raw’n More is a bit out of the way from the city center, in Lauttasaari but well worth a visit. I haven’t been there yet but I have tried their raw cakes and they are among the best I have ever tried (delicate looking yet a robust texture with exciting flavor combos, such as sea buckthorn vanilla and lingonberry toffee). The savories include for instance raw pizza and lasagne.  What’s more, you can order the food online or join one of their raw food cooking class.



In Eastern Helsinki, Herttoniemi to be exact, you will find Verso, a cute little lunch cafeteria. This restaurant took part in the Finnish version of Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares. The transformation has been accredited perhaps the best of all in the show history (the Finnish version that is).

It’s vegan-friendly and also (yey), dog-friendly. Actually, the owner’s dog looks identical to my beloved Thai mix dog. The food is mostly vegan, always healthy and nutritious,. The lunch prices vary a bit, depending on what you are having (soup, salad or the whole buffet). Anyway, it’s either a bit under or a bit over 10€/11$. On Saturdays, add a few more euros for the lunch buffet. Alternatively, you can just pop in for some tea/coffee/healthy drinks and a piece of raw cake.


Vegan lunch

The healthy soup lunch


A cozy cafe

The homely Verso


Hakaniemi Restaurants: Vegan and Vegan-Friendly

Sen Chay is a Vietnamese/Asian vegan restaurant. It’s situated in Hakaniemi, halfway from the center and Kallio district. I haven’t been here for some time but it’s still getting good reviews. In my opinion, though, the decor inside is quite plain and hence, doesn’t invite to sit down for a long time. This place, then again, would be perfect for a healthy lunch.


Classic & Vegan doesn’t have perhaps the coziest location but it is central, though: you can find it in Hakaniemi subway tunnel so it’s easy to reach both from the city center and Kallio. This is not a pure vegan nor vegetarian restaurant. Funnily, they have made own entrances to carnivores and veggie lovers and the restaurant floor is “divided” too but I’m sure you can use either one 😉

The lunch buffet was spot on! The Middle Eastern dips, which I by the way just love, were really yummy and I had to go for the second plate. My meat eating lunch companion also enjoyed all the dishes without meat. The restaurant is fairly big but at least lunchtime, it had a nice number of patrons so it looks like Helsinki people have found this newish restaurant in no time.

plate full of vegetarian dishes

The lunch buffet was really versatile with Middle Eastern dips, hot food, and a salad buffet


Roots Kitchen is a tiny lunch cafeteria with only a few customer seats inside the Hakaniemen halli (Hakaniemi market hall) and considering its size, it gets extremely busy! They started from Turku in 2014 and opened the second vegetarian restaurant here in the capital city a while ago. Besides lunch, they offer brunch on Saturdays.

They say they want to inspire people with their colorful, hearty and filling vegetarian and vegan meals. I’ve been here once and the food lived up to its expectations but as I mentioned, you might need to wait for a while if coming at lunch hour. Hopefully they would find bigger premises in the nearby future because it’s clear that people want more of this! Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10.30-16, Fri 10.30-18, Sat 12-17


Raw cake

You can order the delicious raw cakes from Silvoplee


Silvoplee is owned by a famous Finnish actress, Satu Silvo. This spacious restaurant is situated next to Hakaniemi metro station. It’s a lovely place for lunch as the variety of dishes is amazing (over 30 every day, according to them)! Be careful, however, as the food cost is determined by the weight so your lunch can quickly end up being a bit costly if you stuff your plate very full.

There are fantastic smoothies, raw cakes, specialty coffee and so on too so you could sit down just for a hot or cold drink with something sweet on the side. They prefer organic, locally farmed, seasonal foodstuffs whenever they can. In addition, over half falls under the category of raw food.


A versatile salad buffet

As you can see, you won’t get sick of eating the same things here


Kallio restaurants (especially good for street food in Helsinki)

Kallio has so many vegetarian and vegan restaurants nowadays. Most of them are vegetarian ones with a good choice of vegan dishes. There are a few vegan restaurants, nonetheless, if you don’t want any dairy or eggs served.

One place serving just vegan food is LovingHut on Kolmas Linja, in Kallio, on the other side of the block from Silvoplee. This place is a relative newcomer and it has opened its doors about a year ago when I was still in Thailand, on Koh Phangan. The interior is rather bland but many customers have been super satisfied with the Asian vegan food made with love by the owner lady. Monday-Friday 11-18, Saturday-Sunday 12-18.


Next to LovingHut on Kolmas Linja you will find Sandro (actually I used to live just upstairs). This is the place of the first and original Sandro but the concept (the trendy North African – Middle Eastern) clearly has been a success and now they have 4 restaurants. Three in the capital area and one in Tampere. There is vegan and one meat option for lunch. For dinner and brunch, there are plenty of options for vegans. The Marrakesh madness brunch happening every weekend is one of my favorite brunches in Helsinki in spite of the relatively high price (27€/30$)


Raw chocolate cake

Divine raw cakes at Oh My Goodness!

Oh My Goodness is one of my favorite vegan cafes in Helsinki. The only bad thing is that it’s closed on Mondays. It is adjacent to a yoga shala so you can easily combine eg.  your morning practice and stay here for one of the awesome breakfast sets. The ambiance is very soothing even though it gets quite busy lunch time. You can choose one of their hearty warm meals, such as portobello burger, refreshing salads or just enjoy a quality cup of coffee with a piece of divine raw cakes or a smoothie. They organize workshops too so check out their page to learn more about vegan cooking courses and so on.


Roots used to situate in where Oh My Goodness is nowadays. They needed a bigger space to they moved a few tram stops further to Vallila. I haven’t been to this place yet. They have their yoga shala here with a versatile selection of classes, such as Yin, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow. The cafe serves vegan snacks, nutritious drinks and specialty coffees. They are open Mon-Fri 8-12 and 15-20, on Saturdays 9.30-16, on Sundays 10-14.


Just Vege offers Middle Eastern & Mediterranean inspired recipes in Vaasankatu. Vegans will find a menu which has delicious salads, burgers, pitas and specials, such as pulled “pork”. Prices are moderate, around 10 euros and meals 12,5€ /11$ or 14$.

street view of Just Vege


Bar Loosister is actually a rock bar but despite this, it has a lot to offer for vegans. As you might guess (it’s a rock bar after all), it’s not just vegan cuisine and when it is vegan, it is not light, fat-free, only sprouts and greens kinda raw vegan food. They make proper burgers and filling vegan pizzas you can wash down with a beer or cider. Okay, alcohol is not compulsory but there ain’t no kombucha here. A shout out to the opening hours serving revelers late at night: Sun-Thu until 23.20 and Fri-Sat until 2am!


These days, Fafa’s is ubiquitous in Finland and from here, the winning concept has been taken to Tallinn and Stockholm also. They serve vegans, vegetarians and omnivores the like. They don’t have so much choice for vegans but in my opinion, definitely worth mentioning because they make mean pitas and crunchy sweet potato fries. And since they are spread all around Finland, it’ll be a convenient (and tasty indeed) option for vegans.

A vegetarian pita bread

Fafa’s pitas are healthy and filling. This one is not vegan if I recall but you get the idea. They are delicious!


Rupla is a cool venue combining an art gallery, co-working space, yoga, cafe, and a restaurant. It is not completely vegan, not even vegetarian as they serve a meaty dish on every lunch too. But likewise, there is a vegan option always available. Brekkies available Mon-Fri 8-10.39 with a vegan option but their super popular Saturday brunches are entirely vegan! On Sundays, it’s mixed. I’ve tried to book one but it’s always been busy on the days that I wanted to go. Without a doubt, I’ll get there eventually.


Tenho is a cozy restaurant/bar opposite to Rupla pretty much and since it’s quite big, you’d most likely find a table here. Oh, and there’s the Finnish bottle shop, Alko, next to it. They have a few vegan portions here, such as the vegan burger and a special pizza combo, avocado and chili marinated tofu and a few lighter/smaller dishes if you are feeling just peckish.


A colourful plate full of small dishes

The brunch at Onda is just superb!

Onda‘s location is worth a visit on its own! This red-brick building used to be a match factory. Nowadays the best Helsinki clubs are in the complex together with the restaurant. I love the interior design as well with lots of light and old second-hand furniture. Here they serve omnivores too but there is always a vegan option at lunchtime and different dishes to choose for dinner. But the best thing might be the Peruvian brunch 22€ or 27$ with a glass of organic Prosecco (25/30$) on Saturdays. In my opinion, it’s one of the best brunches in Helsinki. It’s not all vegan but there are quite a few different dishes to choose from and 1 or 2 desserts.


SoiSoi serves vegan food that is on the heavier side. I mean proper hamburgers, sweet potato fries, fried avocado (say what?), and onion rings. We have a Facebook group here in Finland whose users call themselves “sipsikaljavegaanit”. That would translate into chips/crisps (depending on where you are from) beer vegans. The idea is that not all vegans want to eat wholesome, raw, organic, glutenfree, sugarfree and so on plant-based food. I think SoiSoi’s concept captures quite well the essence. The daily vegan lunch that comes with tea/coffee is 10,5€/12$. The opening hours are user-friendly too if you need to fix your blood sugars after a night out (or cure that bloody hangover) Mon-Sat 11-23, Sun 13-21.


I will be updating this vegan guide as I go. I’ve been back in Finland for a year now so haven’t had the chance to visit all the Helsinki restaurants on my list yet. In the meantime, I’m super happy to take suggestions if you feel this list is lacking. Have you got a favorite by the way? Please let me know in the comments.


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