I had always admired the Wave Hotel (Pattaya) from outside. Now, finally, I also got to stay there as a guest of the hotel and write a review. And let me tell you, the looks didn’t deceive.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of Hotel Wave. However, I still only recommend places and products that I truly like and would expect my readers to enjoy, too.


The very inviting lobby

The very stylish and inviting lobby


Where Is Wave Hotel Pattaya Situated?

An art deco inspired pastel green hotel

Wave Hotel Pattaya


Downtown Pattaya, seaview from the room

Downtown Pattaya, view from the room

Previously, I have always stayed around Jomtien so this was my first time in central Pattaya. It was nice being in the city for a change. Wave Hotel Pattaya is on Beach Road but don’t worry, I couldn’t hear the traffic or noise to my 3rd floor room. It was fun watching the people and city life from the comfort of my own hotel room.

Walking Street and all the shops are conveniently located around the hotel. The new Central Festival is about 1,5km/1 mile away and you are just a few footsteps away from the beach too. Then again, for a beach day, I might head for Jomtien or the nearby Koh Larn island instead.

the red cadillac in the front yard

The Cadillac


A Unique Art Deco Inspired Boutique Hotel

Reading at Wave on the comfy bed

The comfy bed


Some hotels are average and just plain. This, however, is the complete opposite of the Wave Hotel Pattaya. Whoever designed this hotel, did it with great attention to detail. Everywhere you look, you can find something interesting to look at. What’s more, Wave Hotel Pattaya has only 18 rooms so it has a personal feel. This is definitely a benefit as you get to know the staff and other guests more if you stay longer. The staff is awesome, by the way! They are all super friendly and attentive to your needs.

Back to the architecture and interior design. This hotel reminds me of Miami Vice and 90s retro in a good way. The Art Deco theme carries through the whole hotel and may I say, the decor is mesmerizing. From the lobby to the restaurant and to the hotel rooms. Everything here is inspiring, even the red Cadillac at the front!


Wave hotel pattaya pool

Soak the sun or relax under the shade


me Typing away poolside

Typing away poolside

The pool area with its canopies was nice albeit it’s not a very big area. In my head, I could picture an older lady in a 90s inspired movie, having her cocktail by the pool, with a cabana boy next to her. The unique architectural design and decor just make your imagination run wild!

Environmental Values

I really appreciate it when a hotel has a plan for being environmentally conscious. I guess it’s kind of a trend at the moment, nevertheless, a good one. Please use the designated signs if you don’t need your linens and towels changed. Moreover, I see it only as a positive thing when a hotel encourages its patrons for environmentally-friendly actions, such as saving water and electricity.


Lovely Rooms

The interior design of the rooms is still second to none and my room was immaculately clean too. There were soft slippers and a robe waiting for me too and all the bathroom essentials, such as dental kit, sewing kit, razor, shampoo and so forth.

I have noticed that the open concept seems to be a thing in Thailand too. When you step inside the room, right away, on your left you have 2 big mirrors and vanities. The toilet cubicle is next to them but errmmm.. the door doesn’t cover the whole doorway but rather leaves some air for ventilation. If you are bashful and traveling with someone, this might be a small issue.


double vanity and big mirrors

The bathroom is just next to the entrance

Then you have a lovely big bathtub and a shower. There are two ways to enter the bathroom; either using the entrance hall (there is no door this side) or the door from the bedroom.

The bed was super comfy and it was nice having a cupsolo espresso machine in the room with some delicious cookies. I caught myself more than once, my hand in the cookie jar, LOL.


cupsolo machine

Fine attention to detail and the cookies that were super yummy!

Can you believe my luck by the way? I left the hotel and went for a late lunch after arriving in Pattaya, to one of the most recommended and popular cafes in Pattaya and got food poisoning. I ordered a spicy seafood soup and felt it coming already mid-way the meal. I don’t know why this happens to me regularly in Thailand. At some point, I stopped eating seafood altogether but I’ve gotten sick from vegetarian foods also so I have no idea why I get them.

Anyway, due to the food poisoning, I wasn’t able to leave my room much and was super grateful that I was staying in a posh place with all the comforts.



The beautiful breakfast room

Cadillac Cafe & Bar has seating both outside and inside. The alfresco place next to the pool has more of a neat BBQ restaurant vibe and then the inside restaurant functions as a breakfast room too. I’m becoming to resemble a parrot because once again, I just loved the interior. It’s fantastic!


pancakes, fruit salad and a cappuccino

My moderate breakfast – Wish I could’ve eaten more!

There is no breakfast buffet here. Instead, the guests can choose from the a la carte menu what they would like to eat and the chef prepares it fresh for you. There were lots of items I would’ve wanted to try but I had had the food poisoning last night and I didn’t have that much appetite. I was gutted because I was at this such a lovely place but couldn’t get myself to eat much. I had waffles with berries plus a cappuccino. Everything was tasty!

Outside you can get drinks from the Cabana poolside bar. A great excuse for not having to interrupt your tanning session!


Wave Hotel Pattaya Review in Summary

Sitting in a stylish arm chair

This hotel was pure bliss!


This was one of the coolest hotels I have ever stayed at. Too often pictures don’t do justice to the place but this certainly wasn’t the case at Wave Hotel Pattaya. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, this certainly delivers it.

I want to thank the whole staff and the hotel for offering me this wonderful experience. This certainly is a hotel I would gladly visit again.

More info: http://www.wavepattaya.com/


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